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It’s back! Grab your bikes, your smart phone, a few friends and join the Young Urban Preservationists (or YUPs—a group of The Landmark Society) for Rochester’s first bike scavenger hunt, followed by a few well-deserved drinks and snacks at Rohrbach Brewing Company. You’ll see some of Rochester’s best known gems and little known secrets, you’ll get some exercise, and you might even learn something new about the Flower City.

Get your tickets fast–the first 50 registrants get a free t-shirt!

Eventbrite - Bikes Beer & Buildings 2016

A note on registration: The registration/ticketing process is slightly different from past years. Now you can create a Team, share the Team name with your friends, and let the rest of your team members register on their own and join the team that you created. You can also password-protect your team so that only those you invite can join. Teams can have up to 6 members. If you are participating in BBB by yourself, you do not need to create a Team name. 

Eventbrite - Bikes Beer & Buildings 2016

Event Details:

  • Teams of 1-6
  • Meet in the parking lot of Rohrbach Brewing (97 Railroad St., by the Public Market) between 12:30-12:45 PM to check in and get your clues and complete rules.
  • We’ll send you off at 1:00 PM.
  • Return by 3:00 PM for drinks, appetizers, and prizes.
  • After the hunt, bike racks will be available for everyone in the Rohrbach parking lot.


Saturday, July 23rd | 12:30 PM | Rohrbach Brewing Company, 97 Railroad St., meet in the parking lot | Tickets: $12/person, Teams of 1-6

Volunteer with us!


Calling the young and the young at heart! Are you interested in our know your place coaster project: WHERE THE #&@% AM I? Are you gifted in web development or graphic design? If so, contact us because we’ve got the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!



YUP Fb photoIntroducing the Young Urban Preservationists! We are a new group of youngish folks interested in preservation and community revitalization. We come from various walks of life and various professions—lawyers, planners, doctors, veterinarians, architects, writers, artists—but we all have one thing in common: we care about our communities and we believe our historic resources play an important role in any community’s revitalization.

What does “young” mean? Whatever you want it to! We’re targeting those oft-maligned by the media “millennials” (aged 20 to about 40) but, more importantly, we want to connect with like-minded people who are invested in their communities and are young at heart.

Sound like a group of people you would want to hang out with?  We hope so!


We have a bunch of different projects and events in the works. Contact us to learn about how you can get involved in:

  • Homeowner Workshops
  • DIY video tutorials
  • Bikes, Beer & Buildings (bike scavenger hunt that takes place each July)
  • Pop-up event(s) at vacant, at-risk, or under-utilized historic spaces
  • Buffalo trip/BYP mixer
  • WHERE THE #&@# AM I? historic bar/pub coaster project


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