Preservation Consulting Services

The Landmark Society of Western New York provides preservation consulting services to property owners; architects and design teams; developers and real estate professionals; community organizations and non-profits; municipalities and planning jurisdictions. We specialize in identifying historic resources and preservation opportunities and helping groups and individuals find tools, strategies, and funding sources to ensure economically viable use of those resources. Listed below are some of our services, which can be tailored to individual project needs.

Historic Resource Surveys &
National Register Nominations

  • Conduct Historic Resource Surveys of specific geographic areas (neighborhoods or municipalities) or thematic building types (barns, cobblestones, houses of worship, etc.).
  • Write National Register nominations for individual properties and districts.

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Historic Tax Credit Services

  • Complete Parts 1-3 of the State and Federal Commercial Tax Credit Application.
  • Complete Parts 1-3 of New York State Historic Homeownership Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program Application.

Preservation Advisory Services

  • Provide preservation advice on treatments and interventions appropriate for the repair, restoration, and rehabilitation of older buildings.
  • Work with property owners, developers, and municipalities to evaluate reuse opportunities in underutilized buildings.

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Learn more about our Old House Help program, designed to help homeowners navigate old-house maintenance and care.

Outreach & Education

  • Assist with community outreach efforts as they relate to preservation, including participating in public design and planning charrettes, and serving as a moderator/ facilitator at meetings and events related to preservation.
  • Provide preservation-specific training for municipal staff, boards, and commissions.
  • Coordinate the annual New York Statewide Preservation Conference.

Heritage Tourism

  • Create, coordinate, and lead walking tours and/or bus tours of historic districts, landmarks, and sites.
  • Help develop heritage tourism plans and strategies to help communities capitalize on their historic resources.

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– Self-guided walking tours 
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– Landmark Travels tours

Historic Research

  • Conduct research on a building’s original construction and use, architectural modifications over the years, changes in use or occupancy, and significance.
  • Conduct research for real estate professionals to help identify historic details or significant information that can help market a property.
  • Conduct research on the development of a specific neighborhood, the original residents, changes to use and occupancy, and current condition.
  • Conduct village-, town-, city-, or county-wide research on development histories, historic sites and buildings, significant events, and factors that shaped the built environment.

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Master Plans & Guidelines Documents

  • Assist with writing preservation-related content for planning documents such as: General Plans/ Comprehensive Plans; Economic Development and Capital Improvement Plans; Arts, Culture, and Heritage Master Plans; Marketing & Tourism Plans
  • Develop design guidelines and pattern books for preservation and/or historic districts.

Funding Sources & Grant Applications

  • Help identify funding sources for repair and rehabilitation of historic buildings.
  • Prepare grant applications to help secure funding for historic preservation projects.

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Land Use and Development

  • Assist with land use and zoning applications and permitting for new development and redevelopment projects.
  • Write preservation-specific language for zoning ordinances and modifications of standards.
  • Evaluate development proposals to assess impact on historic resources.
  • Assist in identifying historic resources that may be candidates for rehabilitation and investment, as part of an economic development strategy or development proposal.