Living Landmarks

The Landmark Society of Western New York is proud to present a video series to share our impactful work with the public.  Our intention is to convey the present-day vitality of historic (or Living) Landmarks – they are not frozen in the past, they evolve with time. These short videos highlight Landmark Society properties and projects and the benefits of employing historic preservation practices to neighborhood revitalization, economic development, and community building – how we, at The Landmark Society are Living (our) Landmarks.

Our host, Landmark Trustee, local artist, and changemaker Shawn Dunwoody, welcomes viewer and closes out each video with his charm and humor; showing that preservation can be fun as well as serious business. Landmark Associate Director, Larry Francer, is the writer and director; videography by PhotoPryntz.

St. Joseph's Park

This episode shows the important work of collaborating with partners to save and repurpose a neighborhood landmark that experienced a devastating fire. The story of St. Joseph’s Church and the magical urban park, created from the three remaining church elevations, will delight you with memories from those who have known it now and then. 

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St. Paul Properties

Stone-Tolan Historic Site

The oldest building in Monroe County, the Stone-Tolan House and it’s original tavern, once a popular house museum, has been struggling to find its place in popular culture. See how creative thinking and events have brought a new life to this very important site.

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Epworth Hall

In this episode we look at a project that Landmark is involved with – Epworth Hall. Located in the Silver Lake Institute, Perry, NY, this project ticks off all the boxes- it was listed on our Five to Revive, received funding from our GVRR grant, has a wonderful partnership with the creative, thriving, rural village of Perry, and has a strong volunteer base to advocate for it. With a rich history and beautiful architecture, it is a living landmark that deserves your attention. 

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