South East Area Coalition Tool Shed


We’ve invited the South East Area Coalition (SEAC) to contribute a guest post to introduce the SEAC Tool Shed, a new initiative to make tools available and accessible to residents, businesses, and organizations in the Greater Rochester Area.   

My name is Mike Evans, and I am the Executive Director of the South East Area Coalition.  We are a small grassroots nonprofit that’s been operating in the southeast area of Rochester since 1968.  We advocate anti-poverty initiatives, for children (health, safety, and education), equality and equity, for our neighborhoods and communities, and support locally owned businesses. 

I’d like to give the Landmark Society a heartful thank you for their excitement and support for our newest program, SEAC’s Tool Shed, and for letting us have the opportunity of doing a guest post on their blog.  Seriously, thank you. 

What's the Tool shed?

Many people do not purchase tools because either they cannot afford them or simply do not wish to pay for something they will use once, maybe twice, in their lifetime.  This program removes both of those hurdles, giving access to tools to those who need and want it.  Community groups looking to engage in Clean Sweeps, neighborhood beautification projects and the like, need look no further than SEAC’s Tool Shed to assist with their needs.  Low-income homeowners wanting to complete repairs on their home should be able to do so without tool cost barriers holding them back.  Independent contractors looking to earn income and hone their skills should not miss out because they can’t afford all the tools for the job.  

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and our wonderful community, SEAC has obtained enough funding to launch this new community program!  Inspired by, and modeled after, the successful (and awesome) The Tool Library in Buffalo, NY, this program will provide accessibility to tools to any resident, business, or organization in the Greater Rochester Area, for a small annual fee ($25 per year for the basic level).  Tools are expensive and shouldn’t be an obstacle to anyone wanting to do repairs on their home, business, or in their community. 

We HAVE BEEN busy working away getting our new home at 1255 University Ave, C010 (basement level), Rochester, NY 14607 set up!  We’ve hired an awesome Tool Shed Coordinator, and have been busy staining tables, putting up our metal pegboard wall (in SEAC colors to boot!), and giving our walls a Jackson Pollock-inspired treatment. 

We even hung our first tool…

And got us a cute mascot.  Meet Philips (oh and Kiki, Nick, and myself too).

Additionally, once we get the Tool Shed open, we will start hosting a variety of DIY repair workshops for individuals interested in learning new skills.

How Do I become A Member?

Anyone over the age of 18 that lives in the Greater Rochester Area can become a member. Once we open to the public in April 2022, you will need to fill out information on our online application on our SEAC Tool Shed page

What Can I Do To Help?

Currently we are working to build up a robust inventory of tools for our Greater Rochester communities and residents, so please consider donating any excess or unwanted tools.  You can find out more about our donation guidelines on SEAC’s Tool Donation page.  Additionally, people interested in volunteering and helping out in the front can fill out our application form to be a Tool Tech.

Thanks to everyone, including SEAC’s board, who’ve already volunteered at the Tool Shed!  It’s amazing and humbling what WE HAVE accomplished in such a short time.


OF COURSE!!  We have exciting collaboration going on right now with one of our area’s local businesses.   We thought what better way to celebrate the launch of the Tool Shed than by partnering with our neighbor, Sager Beer Works TO and create a delicious MICROBREW beer!

Hammertime is a delicious West Coast IPA that has a hoppy, floral front with a dose of sweet malt and pine.

Your purchase not only gets you super tasty beer, but you’re also supporting a local grassroot nonprofit that has been operating in Rochester since 1968!  Sager’s is generously donating $8 per 4-pack sold to the South East Area Coalition!

You can pre-order yours on Sager’s website.  Hammertime will be released in April 2022.


I look forward to seeing you all at the Tool Shed! 

Be well,

Mike Evans
Executive Director
South East Area Coalition


South East Area Coalition Tool Shed