Preserving Craftsmanship at Silver Lake


ROC the Day 2023:
An Invitation to Support Traditional Trades and Community Connection

ROC the Day, powered by the United Way, is a 24-hour, online giving extravaganza powered by the United Way of Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes. It takes place on Tuesday, November 28th from midnight to 11:59pm.

This year, consider directing a ROC the Day gift to The Landmark Society, to help us preserve our region’s architectural heritage. One of the ways we do this is through events like the Wood Window Repair Workshop at Silver Lake—an extraordinary partnership between The Landmark Society and the Silver Lake Institute that took place this past fall. This collaboration was an effort to address failing historic windows at the iconic Epworth Hall in Silver Lake (Wyoming County), while providing individuals with the skills necessary to repair them. Learn more about this successful endeavor below, and consider giving to ROC the Day to make more opportunities like this possible!

Historic Setting:

Nestled in the Victorian-era cottages of the Silver Lake Institute, the workshop immersed participants in a bygone era. Against the stunning backdrop of the Finger Lakes region of New York, the participants delved into the art of traditional repair and rehabilitation of wooden windows.

Award-Winning Expertise:

Led by Stacy Grinsfelder, a preservation advocate, and craftsperson recently honored with The Landmark Society’s fourteenth Paul Malo Award. This prestigious accolade, established in 2008, recognizes community activists who have made outstanding contributions to historic preservation advocacy. Her advocacy extends beyond digital platforms. Stacy has become a leading advocate and educator on the restoration of wood windows within the old house social media community. This wealth of experience and expertise was channeled into the workshop, enriching the event with award-winning insights and passion for preservation.

Hands-on Learning at Epworth Hall:

Under the guidance of Stacy, the workshop was a crash course in the intricate process of wood window restoration. From reviewing lead-safe practices to hands-on training with the essential tools, attendees refurbished a window sash from start to finish within the historic 1892 Epworth Hall.

Connecting Communities:

Beyond the workshop, participants had the opportunity to explore the nearby Village of Perry during a guided walking tour, visit local businesses, and learn how the rural community was actively revitalizing its Main Street commercial core. Others experienced a preservation-focused excursion to Letchworth State Park, aptly named the “Grand Canyon of the East,” which added a touch of natural grandeur to the experience.


Building Futures for Traditional Trades:

The workshop was not only about restoring windows; it was a step towards a brighter future for traditional trades. The event served as a platform to highlight fundraising efforts for a traditional trades training program. The focus was on connecting homeowners and tradespeople with training opportunities, showcasing the potential impact of preserving and passing on traditional skills to future generations.

Looking Ahead at Epworth Hall:

As the workshop concluded, the echoes of sanding, repairing, and painting windows lingered in the air, leaving behind not just restored sashes but a sense of shared accomplishment and a commitment to preserving heritage. The Wood Window Repair Workshop at Silver Lake was more than an event; it was a testament to the power of hands-on learning, community connection, and the promise of a future where traditional trades continue to thrive.


Hands-On Learning and Community Connection:

Your donation supports hands-on learning experiences, community connection, and the development of a traditional trades training program at places like Silver Lake Institute’s historic 1892 Epworth Hall.

How to ROC for Heritage:

On November 28, head to, a secure online giving platform. Navigate to the Landmark Society of Western NY and make a contribution towards our shared preservation heritage.

Double down on your donation:

Landmark Society supporter Marshall Boxes has generously agreed to match ROC the Day donations up to $1,000!  By contributing to our ROC the Day fund on Tuesday, November 28th, your dollars will go twice as far!

Together, we can make a collective impact that resonates far beyond the 24-hour giving window.

Preserving Heritage, ROCing the Future:

Your ROC the Day gift isn’t just a donation; it’s an investment in the future of traditional trades, community connection, and the preservation of our heritage. Join us on November 28 as we ROC the Day for a cause that goes beyond the present, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. Let’s make this giving extravaganza a celebration of our shared history and a step towards a brighter future.

Thank you to Bradley Huber for contributing this blog post, and Stacy Grinsfelder for providing the training in Silver Lake.

And a big thanks to Marshall Boxes for their matching donation commitment for 2023.  


Preserving Craftsmanship at Silver Lake