Website and Social Media Request Form

Upcoming event? Please fill out the following form carefully and completely at least two (2) weeks prior to the date promotional materials should go out and ticket sales (if applicable) will begin.

Questions should be directed to Becky (

Please note that if you have stumbled upon this page by accident, this is a form for internal use by Landmark Society staff only.

Exact name as it should appear on website/social media posts
Date event starts. If event is one-day only, put date here
Date event ends. If event is one-day only, leave blank
If it is an all-day event, leave blank
This is the date that we will launch the social media effort (website calendar, social media posts, etc). See below for ticketing info. Should be AT LEAST 2 weeks away.
Ex: Travel Tours, Home & Garden Tours, etc are Medium- or Long-Term. Classes, happy hours, last-minute small events are Short-Term or Pop-Up.
Ex: "Children must be accompanied by a parent," or "Event not suitable for children."
Must be at least 2 weeks in advance
Add time if applicable
All media content should be in a single event folder on the server (photos can be in a separate sub-folder from sponsor logos).