Make Your Mark

Connecting Communities with History, Stories, and Markers

Historic Marker Committee of The Landmark Society of Western New York

The mission of the “Make Your Mark” initiative is to connect the Rochester community with its past by using markers to make diverse histories visible on the public landscape.  There are few historic markers in Rochester. Our vision is to erect site-appropriate markers across the city to raise awareness of the fact that history and preservation belong to all of us—in every neighborhood of the city and, eventually, throughout the region. 

We are guided by the following principles:

  1. Engage with community members, neighborhood groups, organizations, libraries, and schools to identify sites of local significance.
  2. Value the contributions and memories of all of the city’s diverse residents.
  3. Bring attention to natural and cultural resources while emphasizing the stories, memories, and experiences of all the people who have helped shape our city.
  4. Appreciate that many sites have a layered history and use voices from different time periods to illuminate each era of significance.
  5. Provide ways for people to engage with marker sites in a variety of ways, such as a connected smartphone app and website.