Beechwood Historic District


The Landmark Society, on behalf of the City of Rochester, completed a City-wide Historic Resources Survey in 2021. The purpose of that survey was to identify areas or individual properties and sites that meet National Register of Historic Places designation criteria, as well as to create an inventory of the historically significant properties within the City of Rochester. As part of the survey, the Beechwood Neighborhood area was identified for its significance in Architecture and Community Planning & Development.

As a result, the Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition and Connected Communities partnered with the Landmark Society to complete a National Register of Historic Places nomination for a Beechwood Historic District. The current district boundary will include the properties between North Goodman Street to Culver Road and Bay Street to East Main Street, along with those properties on Westchester Avenue and Laurelton Road between Longview Terrace and Culver Road. As we conduct additional research and assessment on the area, the boundary has the potential for minor changes.



The Landmark Society will perform the work of the preservation consultant, completing the extensive research, writing, and communication with SHPO necessary for a National Register nomination. Landmark Society staff will also assist the neighborhood with holding public meetings and spreading the word.

The Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition will lead the charge on any additional fundraising and spreading the word about the National Register project and public meetings throughout the neighborhood.

As a 501(c)(3), Connected Communities will act as the fiduciary agent for the neighbors, submitting and managing grant funding that has been awarded toward this project. They will also assist BNC with spreading the word about the project and public meetings.

The NY State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) administers the National Register of Historic Places program and the Historic Tax Credit programs. Their staff will work with Landmark Society to review the district nominations. Once the districts are complete, homeowners will also submit their tax credit applications to SHPO.


The Landmark Society, in partnership with the Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition, will be hosting an informational public meeting on Tuesday, November 2nd at 7pm to introduce the project to the neighborhood, provide information on what the National Register of Historic Places is, and share about the benefits of this honorary designation. We encourage property owners to attend this meeting and ask questions!

Initial Public Meeting:

Thursday, November 2, 2023
7:00 PM
Thomas P. Ryan Community Center
530 Webster Avenue, Rochester


  • Landmark staff fieldwork
  • Landmark conducts research
  • Submit draft nomination to Beechwood Neighborhood Coalition, Connected Communities, and NY SHPO
  • Make revisions as needed
  • NY SHPO schedules nomination for State Review Board (quarterly meetings)
  • After State Review Board approval, SHPO forwards nomination to National Park Service for final National Register approval


Does listing our neighborhood in a National Register Historic District restrict what I can do to my home?


What’s the difference between a National Register Historic District and a City Preservation District?

A City Preservation District is a part of the City of Rochester’s Zoning Code. Alterations to the exterior of properties within a Preservation District require a Certificate of Appropriateness. Demolition is prohibited. National Register districts offer no protections or restrictions when private money is being used.

Who qualifies for the NYS Historic Homeowners Tax Credit program?

Owner occupied homes located in a qualifying census tract (all of the City of Rochester is in a qualifying tract) and a National Register historic district.

What type of work qualifies for tax credits?

Kitchens & bath remodels, porch repairs, paint, HVAC, window repairs, floor refinishing, etc. Landscaping and garages/carriage houses, and appliances do not qualify.

How do I apply for tax credits?

Before beginning any work, complete an application detailing your proposed work. Submit to the State Historic Preservation Office.

Still have QUESTIONS? Contact Megan Klem at

>>Click here to learn more about the NYS Historic Homeowners Tax Credit program

If you have specific questions about the tax credit program, you can contact Christina Vagvolgyi with the NY State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) at: 518-268-2217 or

>>Click here to learn more about the National Register of Historic Places