Landmark Society Staff


Wayne Goodman 1    Wayne Goodman
      Executive Director
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 Cindy Boyer    Cindy Boyer
      Director of Public Programs
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 Larry Francer    Larry Francer
      Associate Director of Preservation
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 Bevery Gibson    Beverly Gibson
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 Carolyn Haygood    Carolyn Haygood
      Community Relations Associate
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 Cynthia Howk    Cynthia Howk
         Architectural Research Coordntr
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Andrew Lambrix    Andrew Lambrix
      Director of Finance
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Tyler Lucero    Tyler Lucero
      Preservation Projects Facilitator
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Quentin McGee photo    Quentin McGee
      Properties Technican
 Caitlyn Meives    Caitlin Meives
      Preservation Planner
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   Amanda Delle Donne                     
      Public Engagement Coordinator
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Judy Trabert     Judy Trabert
        Stone Tolan Tour Guide


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