What My Kids Did on their Summer Vacation: Full Moon Flashlight Tours


I’ve taken my son lots of places, but do you know what one thing he keeps asking to do again? Full Moon Flashlight Tours, the Landmark Society’s low-key, family-friendly summer event at the Stone-Tolan House. (I’m not just saying that because I work here – he really does love this event, and mentions it every time we pass the house, year-round!) I first took him two years ago, when he was 3; this year my mom took him for the third time, and he was proud to bring his little sister for her first visit. We’ll be back again for the next event on August 18!

The day after the tour, I interviewed each of them to find out what they thought and what they remembered.

My interview with Caroline, age 3, about Full Moon Flashlight Tours in July 2009

How did you like the campfire night?

They had a red flashlight just my size! It was in a basket.

What else did you do?

We went in a checker room.

Why was it a checker room?

Because they had checkers. They felt like corn, and the lady said they were made out of corn.

What else did you do?

We went into some bedrooms. In one bedroom we saw a dolly with our flashlight, and we saw a bed.

What did you think about the bed?

The bed had curtains on it, and if anybody would get into it, they would close it.

Why would they close it?

So they couldn’t get out, and so their feet wouldn’t stick out.

What else did you do?

We saw a summer kitchen outside.

Why do they have a summer kitchen?

So it wouldn’t be so hot inside. They only cook wood in the summer kitchen.

What was your favorite part?

We cooked marshmallows. But some of the kids got black marshmallows!

My interview with Benjamin, 5 ½

Did you have fun?

Mm-hmm. Can we go in the fall?

What did you do?

We did the same song again.

Which one?

B-E-N song.

Were there a lot of people?

Two hundred people. Actually a favillion.

What was your favorite part?

Games. They had checkers. The checkers are made out of corn.

So your favorite part was the checkers?

No. I liked everything!

What else did you do?

I had some popcorn! [Caroline interjects: We saw a man cooking popcorn in the fire!] They cooked one in the microwave, and there was a man cooking white popcorn in the fire. And I liked seeing bunk beds. I mean, just a bed. The big bed. [Caroline interjects: There was one in the checker room, and the pillow was under it!] I liked seeing the microwave, I mean, the stove. Do you know how many fires they would use? A bunch. They had TWO BIG FIREPLACES!

The next Full Moon Flashlight Tours will take place on August 18. Take it from my kids – you don’t want to miss it!

Posted by Katie Eggers Comeau, Director of Preservation Services, with help from Benjamin and Caroline



What My Kids Did on their Summer Vacation: Full Moon Flashlight Tours