This isn’t the Griswold Family Vacation! Architourism.


I found this article on yesterday on architourism….if I had more time today I would write a longer blog post about it, but it’s almost dinner time and my stomach is growlin’ so this means no waxing poetic…at least until I hit Pelligrinos for some grub.

Regardless, it’s an interesting article that discusses a concept we’ve alluded to several times with the Recent Past project. I thought it was interesting/appropriate/whatever-enough to share on its own.

Check it out. See what you think. Marvel at Modern Architecture. Also: economic advice for “architourists”

Any ideas of what you’d like to see in terms of architourism in Rochester? I’m thinking this has a lot of potential, especially as people are taking the quickly-becoming-overused-buzzphrase-du-jour “staycations” to combat the high cost of travel in these tough economic times.

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This isn’t the Griswold Family Vacation! Architourism.


3 thoughts on “This isn’t the Griswold Family Vacation! Architourism.”

  1. Laura,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Now is a great time for those of us interested in adaptive reuse, historical preservation, and vibrant downtowns.

    To answer your question, I was at the most recent Architecture for Lunch and plan to attend all of them. I was completely blown away by the atria of the Powers Building and old County Courthouse.

    Looking forward to Washington Square Park!


  2. Laura,

    I also wanted to ask if you minded me adding a link to your blog to my sidebar entitled “Friends of the Moderate Urban Champion?”

  3. Hi Bob!

    Link away! I’d love it if you would do so. We just started this blog project.

    I agree with you that it’s a great time for all of us – all the focus on green living sure makes it easier to gain an audience for talk of adaptive reuse and sustainability. Not to mention all that’s happening here in Rochester with downtown revitalization…an exciting time indeed!

    I’ll likely be at Washington Square park on Friday as well – hope to see you there.

    Take care

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