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posted by Cindy Boyer, Director of Public Programs, on behalf of NOTA neighborhood pooches, Lulu, Benny, Quiznos, Blimpie and Jasper.

I was preparing for the Inside Downtown Tour and dictating notes into the microphone of my smart phone while walking through the Neighborhood of the Arts. There was a group of neighbors that had stopped to chat while walking their dogs. The canines seemed to be chatting as well, with friendly yips, barks and whines. When I returned to the office to transcribe my notes, imagine my surprise to find out that the dictation app on my iPhone had picked up much more than I expected! I just had to share – it’s NOTA Dog Blog.

Lulu & Benny

Quiznos & Blimpie


LULU: Hey Benny– how arf you?

BENNY: Good to see you Lulu! I’m loving the City Life! I feel sorry for those country or suburban pooches. I could never live way out there, isolated from our brothers and sisters pups! Here in the City I get to meet you, and Jasper and Quiznos and Blimpie– and all my dog neighbors!

QUIZNOS & BLIMPIE: Did someone just bark out our names?

BENNY: Yep, Lulu and I were just talking about how great it is to be a city dog.

BLIMPIE: Lulu and Benny, you have it right! Especially in the Neighborhood of the Arts! We love living in the Lofts at Village Gate. We get the best views. And the best sounds. And the best smells!

QUIZNOS: Smells! Oh Blimpie don’t get me started on the smells! There is such an exciting bouquet for our canine noses to enjoy. So many dogs, so many people, so many hot dog carts, and so little time!

BENNY: I can’t blame you, the smells are great. I love it when we go for coffee or a snack at an outdoor seating area. I get to sit right by my person – and sometimes sneak a treat!

Photo Courtesy: Richard Margolis

The Flatiron Building–a favorite sniffing & gathering spot for NOTA neighborhood dogs during warm weather.

LULU: Say look who’s coming! Jasper! Jasper – you are looking good!

JASPER: Why, thank you Lulu. What’s going on, why are all your people stopped here?

QUIZNOS & BLIMPIE: They’re talking about some event coming up – Inside Downtown Tour. Lots of people are going to be checking out our homes. Yay! More people smells to sniff!

BENNY: Calm down you two pups – no need to jump in circles!

JASPER: I’ve got it even better than you pups. I work here! I am chief security officer and greeter at Muto Design studios. I get to come here every day, and meet all kinds of people coming to the studio and Axom Art Gallery.

LULU: Sounds ruff to me!

JASPER: Lulu, it’s great! I get to meet so many artists, here in the Neighborhood of the Arts! Anyway, my people work such long hours, I might as well live on Anderson Street, I’m here more hours than our house. And I love it!

QUIZNOS: So Lulu are you going to hang around during the tour?

LULU: No – I just heard the people saying we all get to go visit friends or relatives or something like that. Yay! Road trip!

JASPER: I’d rather stay for the tour, but guess that won’t happen.

BENNY: Jasper – you are a real people dog. But don’t worry, after the tour when we come home, there will still be all those new people smells in the Neighborhood of the Arts.


If you want to see (and smell) the dogs’ neighborhood for yourself, get tickets to the Inside Downtown Tour (Friday night, September 28 and Saturday during the day, September 29).

Photo courtesy: Richard Margolis

The iconic ARTWalk Cat sculpture by Vincent Massaro may or may not be NOTA dogs’ favorite thing about the neighborhood…


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