YUP 2015-07-29

Next Wednesday: Coaster Kickoff Event at Cure


The Landmark Society and the Young Urban Preservationists present WHERE THE #&@% AM I?™ Kickoff Party at Cure. WHERE THE #&@% AM I?™ is a network of historic bars, pubs, and local watering holes. The buildings that these places inhabit have lived many lives and have many untold stories to tell. WHERE THE #&@% AM I?™ connects you, the patron, to these places and to a sampling of their stories. It’s not a history lesson; it’s a random amalgamation of titillating tidbits; a series of snippets; a window onto the power of change.

Join us for a casual kickoff party on Wednesday, August 5th outside Cure at the Public Market. Tickets are $20 and include a drink and snacks.

>>Tickets available on The Landmark Society’s website.

Are you a closet preservationist?

Photo courtesy Johanna Kelly and Darren Miller, www.tedxflourcity.com

If you missed TEDx Flour City in May, be sure to check out YUP co-founder, Caitlin Meives’s, TED talk on why we’re all preservationists but we might not know it. Watch the video here.


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