August 1, 2012 Landmark Alerts

Full Moon Flashlight at Stone-Tolan

What do you do when there is a drought, it is the hottest day of the year (since 1876),  there are 40 mph winds, and you have a campfire event planned? Faux Fire, of course! None of the kids in attendance at the first Full Moon Tour had a problem eating their s’mores “raw” – and everyone enjoyed commenting on how “refreshing” the campfire felt as we shared campfire games and stories.

We hope the August 14th Full Moon Flashlight Tours will give us the opportunity to enjoy an actual campfire – but either way we are certain to enjoy a wonderful campfire experience!

Tuesday, August 14 | 7-8 p.m. | Stone-Tolan Historic Site | 2370 East Ave

2012 Inside Downtown location revealed!

This year, for our ninth annual Inside Downtown Tour, we’ll be taking you inside adapted loft apartments, elegant homes, and other spaces in one of Rochester’s most vibrant and dynamic historic neighborhoods–the Neighborhood of the Arts. Mark your calendars for Friday, September 28 and Saturday, September 29. Stay tuned to our website for updates and take a look at our next issue of Landmarks magazine for a sneak peek at some of the sites!

Do you work or live in the Neighborhood of the Arts?  Contact Cindy Boyer to find out how your business, gallery or other site might participate in the tour:

The Future of Preservation in a Changing World: A talk by Wayne Goodman

On Monday, August 6 at 6:30 p.m., The Landmark Society’s Executive Director, Wayne Goodman, will present this talk at the Monroe Branch Library (809 Monroe Ave.) in the city of Rochester. Come learn how preservation can serve our future and how people of all backgrounds and ages can embrace it.