Travel Tour: Czech Republic like a Local

Wednesday, May 1 – Thursday, May 9, 2019

Registration is not yet open for this tour, but for information, please feel free to contact Larry Francer, or 585.546.7029 X14.

Prague’s beauty is on full display in Spring, when trees are in bloom over the city, the temperature is warm and pleasant, and the days are long. What better time to join The Landmark Society for a travel tour to the Czech Republic?

Working with our good friend in Prague, František Bečan, Travel Consultant Jerome Herron and I are planning a travel tour that will showcase not only the stunning capital city but also the Czech countryside. Frank is a world-traveler who has lived his whole life in Prague, and has been invaluable in planning the itinerary. He will be our personal tour guide and share his love of his homeland with us. We’ll explore the many districts of Prague, from the Castle Quarter across the iconic Charles Bridge to Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. Along the way we will see the Cubist-style House of the Black Madonna, with bold and uniquely Czech architecture and even enjoy cubist/square pastry in the turn-of-the-century café; tour Hradčaney Castle; and enjoy Wenceslas Square. You’ll discover that May is one of the best months to visit the Palace Gardens under Prague Castle and the Prague Botanical Garden. Evenings will be filled with trips to the Opera, Black Light Theatre, and National Marionette Theatre.

There will be plenty of free time to fully immerse ourselves in the Prague vibe but we will also get to experience the countryside like few tourists do. Frank and his wife Hannah will welcome us into their country home and we will have a true Czech meal in the charming village where Frank and his parents spent so much time together during his youth. We also plan to visit Kutná Hora, a refreshingly authentic, and unmistakably gorgeous town that sits on top of what was once Europe’s largest silver mine. The Bone Church nearby is a highlight of this day trip. Additional countryside excursions are planned, including Terezin, the concentration camp where arts and culture “seemed” to thrive in the Nazi’s planned deception, intended to convince the Red Cross inspectors that Jews were being treated well. Our timing also affords us the opportunity of celebrating Liberation Day on May 8th, commemorating the end of World War ll. It will be a fitting final day in Prague on an unforgettable travel tour.