2014 Presentations



Keynote Address:

Stuck in Time: How Historic Preservation has to to Change in the 21st Century
Donovan Rypkema, PlaceEconomics

Saturday Breakfast Speaker:

The Dollars and Sense of Preserving Community Character
Ed McMahon, Senior Resident Fellow, Urban Land Institute

A Little Secret Worth Remembering, article by Ed McMahon

Friday Breakout Sessions:

1A: Repurposing a Village Main Street Commercial Building – Creative Solutions to Technical and Programmatic Obstacles

John Page, Architect, Bero Architecture PLLC
Palmyra Community Library

1B: Rightsizing at the Neighborhood Level: How ReLocal helps cities and neighborhoods set priorities

Donovan Rypkema, PlaceEconomics

1C: Historic Preservation’s Future: Willowbank School of Restoration Arts

Clinton Brown FAIA, President and Founder, Clinton Brown Company Architecture, pc
Lisa Prosper, Willowbank

1D: Perfect Balance – Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing Design

E. Joseph Gibbons, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, SWBR Architects
Michael Puma, Preservation Studios
Gillian Conde, Vice President, DePaul

2A: An Introduction to the new SHPO web-based compliance & Inventory Application, NY Cultural Resource Information System (CRIS)

Michael Schifferli, Program Analyst, NY State Historic Preservation Office
John Bonafide, Director, NY State Historic Preservation Office

2B: Hamlin Park Historic District: A Preservation Case-Study in Buffalo, NY

Derek King, Architectural Historian, Preservation Studios
Michael Puma, Project Manager, Preservation Studios
Phillip Borrelli, General Counsel, Preservation Studios

2C: Sneaky Preservation: Making Advocates through Emotional Experiences with Place

Dana Saylor-Furman, Old Time Roots
Meagan Baco,
Benjamin Woelk- Co-Producer/Director of Slow Road Travel

2D: Restoring Buffalo Schools

Paul McDonnell, AIA Director of FacilitiesPlanning, Design and Construction Buffalo Public Schools

3A: Next Act for Opera Houses: Strategies for Preservation & Renewal

Tania Werbizky, Preservation League of New York State
John Bero, Bero Architecture
Rick Davis, 1891 Fredonia Opera House
Patti Lockwood-Blais, Earlville Opera House Arts Center

3B: Panel Discussion – Rust Belt Revitalization: Preservation & Economics in Upstate NY’s Cities

Donovan Rypkema, Place Economics
Jason Yots, President & CEO, Preservation Studios LLC
Rocco Termini,Signature Development, Buffalo

3C: Master Planning the Southern Tier: Engaging Students to Help Create Sustainable Communities

William C. Dean, AIA, NCARB, LEED® AP, Alfred State – SUNY College of Technology, and Alfred State Students

3D: An Introduction to the Window Sash Bible

Steve Jordan, Pain in the Glass

4A: Promote-Sustain-Preserve Our Regional Economy One Main Street At A Time

Roxanne Kise, Regional Coordinator/Executive Director Western Erie Canal Alliance
Beth Kravetz, Project Manager Western Erie Canal Alliance
Heather Peck, Program Manager, Lockport Main Street, Inc
Katelin Olson, Historic Preservationist and Cornell University PhD student,Albion Main Street Alliance
Joan Delaro, Program Manager, Lyons Main Street Program, Inc.

4B: Think Inside the Box: Transmission Corridors and Impacts to Historic Communities and Landscapes

Panel discussion. Moderated by Daniel Mackay, Director of Public Policy, Preservation League of NYS

4C: Placemaking in Stone: a Geo-coded Sidewalk Survey for a Livable City

Gregg Swanzey, Director of Economic Development and Strategic Partnerships, City of Kingston
Kitty McCullough, Preservation and Development Consultant
Jack Braunlein, Preservation Specialist

4D: Built Environment vs. Sustainability Science

Professor Jules Chiavaroli, AIA; Rochester Institute of Technology
Mark Krystofik, PhD; Rochester Institute of Technology