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Offering a unique blend of experiences, Ithaca combines culture, nature, education, and history to create a place unlike any other. Towering waterfalls and deep gorges, outdoor recreation and higher education, dining options for all tastebuds and performance spaces featuring something for all tastes will greet you here.

With two higher education institutions – Cornell University and Ithaca College – dating back more than 125 years since their founding, it is unsurprising that Ithaca is teeming with history. Notably, the city’s largest performance venue, the State Theatre, dates back more than 100 years, though its history as a performance venue did not begin until 1928. It also is an example of community-based support for preservation, as it was rescued from the wrecking ball in the late 1990s and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

The State Theatre is not the only example of the community’s love of history and penchant for preservation. The city was once a hub in the silent movie industry, the birthplace of the ice cream sundae, and was a stop on the Underground Railroad.

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And plan to try out our new Waterfalls Challenge as you explore our area’s most notable natural assets, using a digital passport to track where you have gone and where else you should visit. We challenge you to see them all (and win some fun prizes for doing so) and come Visit Ithaca.