Award Year: 2018

Barber Conable Award

Recognizes a large-scale rehabilitation of a historic building in our region completed within the last two years, possibly using the Federal Investment Tax Credit program. Old fabric should be sympathetically

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Award of Merit

Applies to projects similar to those eligible for the Barber Conable Award, but of more modest scope. The award is given for a sympathetic rehabilitation of an architecturally significant building,

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Historic Home Award

Recognizes owners of private residences for their continued care of and commitment to the preservation of an architecturally significant house over a minimum of seven (7) years. “Care” may include

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Historic Landscape Award

Recognizes and encourages the preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and stewardship of historically significant landscapes in The Landmark Society’s nine-county region. The recipient may be either individual(s) or an organization.

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Traditional Trades

Recognizes an individual working in the traditional trades for his/her exceptional knowledge of historic preservation techniques and advocacy for historic buildings. These trades include, but are not limited to: stained

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