A Kid’s Eye View of "Walk the Walk"


Cindy Boyer, Director of Museums and Education, compiled these wonderful comments from students who attended this year’s performances of “Walk the Walk: Encounters with Rochester’s African-American Ancestors” earlier this month:

Dear Mrs. Boyer and Mrs Jackson, Thank you for putting on a great story for everyone. Can you tell the actors they were good? – Jaquan, Grade 4

Captain Sunfish

He was telling about African-Americans and being funny at the same time – 5th grader

He was funny and you could learn something at the same time – 5th grader

He didn’t know about the changes (since his time) and was hoping for change – 6th grader

He was funny, and looked and acted like Will Smith – 6th grader

He had a sense of humor and was interactive – 6th grader

Captain Sunfish involved the crowd – 6th grader

Captain Sunfish told people to open up their hearts – 6th grader

Captain Sunfish was my favorite story because it tells you what happened back then when none of my classmates and me were born – 5th grader

My favorite part was when Captain Sunfish took off his feet – 5th grader

Austin Steward

I chose Austin Steward because it teaches about never giving up! – 5th grader

I learned do not listen to bullies. I liked the actors because they were telling the truth – 4th grader

Austin Steward taught me to never give up – Jonathan, 4th grader

Austin Steward never gave up on what he wanted and he learned that hard work pays off – 5th grader

This story taught me about self courage – Jontrase, 5th grader

He taught us never give up on what we want to do – Jimyra, 5th grader

Austin Steward was my favorite story because he was brave to tell the police that his sign got messed up by someone – Sunshine, 5th grader

I can relate to the part where he talked about bullies – Geronda, 5th grader

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass inspired me to never give up and have hope – Renaisha, Grade 4

The best part of the morning was getting up close with Frederick Douglass – 4th grader

Frederick Douglass came from a place where he wasn’t anything and he made himself something – 6th grader

Frederick Douglass taught us what an orator means – 5th grader

Frederick Douglass was an excellent actor, and I want to be a speaker – 5th grader

I didn’t know that John Brown tried to commit violence – Xavier, 6th grader

Frederick Douglass gave a lot of background, and he made it really clear and understandable – Jasmine, 6th grader

Anna Murray Douglass

I liked the Anna Murray Douglass story because it was life-like and deep – 4th grader

It was my favorite story because at first it was sad, but then when she reunited with Frederick Douglass, it was beautiful – Aeilil, 5th grader

Anna really made me feel like I was there at the same time and in the same situation – Tori, 6th grader

I chose Anna Murray Douglass story because to me it felt so realistic and yes it touched my heart – 6th grader

I learned the most from her; I did not know she could not bury her daughter – 6th grader

She was a great actor and had a very interesting story – 6th grader

I could see the pain she goes through – Justen, 5th grader

I chose this one because she reminded me of my family – Faith, 5th grader

Mary Jackson

The Dorsey home was my favorite because it was sad at first until Mr and Mrs. Dorsey took in Mary Jackson – 4th grader

The Dorsey story taught me to be nice to others – 6th grader

Mary Jackson taught me a lesson I will remember forever in my whole life – 6th grader

She taught me I should help someone that didn’t fit in – Venezia, 5th grader

I liked this story because it taught be about being black back in the day – Lakeisha, 5th grader

George Brown

I was so into George Brown’s speech about the civil war – 5th grader

I learned that George Brown was a soldier – 5th grader

The best part was when he said Hallolujia (SP) and broke his cane – 6th grader

George Brown taught me the most, because he talked about his life in slavery – 5th grader

I learned he was forced to fight for the South and when he became free he fought for the north – 6th grader

This was my favorite because he put a laugh in hist story – Carlee, 5th grader

I liked George Brown, he told a lot about how he escaped – 6th grader

General Comments – or would you recommend the program to other kids, and why?

You need to know the truth about the past and where our ancestors came from and how thankful we should be to have come this far – 6th grader

It teaches a lot of history and helps you imagine what happened – 6th grader

The best part is when we got to say “WALK THE WALK AND TALK THE TALK” – 5th grader

This teaches you about the history of us African-Americans in a kid way – 5th grader

I learned that African-Americans can do anything if they put their mind to it – 5th grader

This program gave good info in a fun way that makes it stick in your mind – Jasmine, 6th grader

I learned a lot of info that I will keep forever and ever – Tori, 6th grader

People need to know why we have what we have today – Lataves, 5th grader

My favorite part of the morning was the actors telling their stories – I can picture it still in my mind – 5th grader

The performance rocked! – 6th grader



A Kid’s Eye View of "Walk the Walk"