Erie Canal Warehouse

Stone Warehouse Brockport 7806


Photo courtesy Richard Margolis

Erie Canal Warehouse

60 Clinton Street
Village of Brockport, Monroe County

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, this historic factory and warehouse complex is a rare surviving example of the brownstone industrial buildings that once lined the banks of the Erie Canal at Brockport. Unique in Monroe County, it is also the only surviving building related to the local reaper manufacturing industry, whose products were sold to an international clientele. The existing buildings here were built between 1850 and 1852 for the Agricultural Works in Brockport, later known as Whiteside, Barnett and Company.

The property was later used as a lumberyard from about 1880 to 1904 and as a cannery until 1945. During the late 20th century, an auto repair business was located in this building. In 2008, the vacant building was purchased by the Greater Brockport Development Corporation, which undertook extensive structural and roof repair, as well as environmental remediation at the site.

With the completion of the Master Plan for Clinton Street Rehabilitation, the former warehouse was identified as a priority for renovation, due to its prominent location, size, and historic significance. The most important visual anchor on Clinton Street, a rehabilitated warehouse would greatly assist with the transformation of this canalside street into a thriving place for residents and visitors, alike. An exceptional candidate for rehabilitation and re-use, the restored building would greatly enhance the community and result in long term economic benefits for the residents of the greater Sweden-Brockport area.


A highly visible anchor on the Erie Canal in the village of Brockport, this historic industrial building is unique in Monroe County. Its exceptional historic and architectural significance make it an important candidate for revitalization after many years of vacancy and a potential catalyst for further redevelopment in this historic canalside neighborhood.


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