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Planned Giving and Bequests

The Landmark Society is grateful for several recent bequests from longtime members and supporters. These bequests will allow the Landmark Society to enhance current preservation efforts and programming, offer new initiatives, and increase the endowment to foster future sustainability.

Each year, The Landmark Society of Western New York benefits from the generosity of friends who appreciate the mission-based work that we do each and every day. For all the people who do remember The Landmark Society in their lifetime and estate planning, there are dozens of others who admire our work but don’t realize the remarkable good that they can do by taking action today to actively help us. The fact is that almost everyone—regardless of their economic status—possesses the ability to be a donor to the Landmark Society through income tax and estate planning.

Planned Giving is a way that a donor can significantly impact The Landmark’s Society’s work and permanent endowment now and in the future. For the donor a gift may also provide the opportunity to reduce income and or estate tax deductions. A number of assets can be transferred to a charity as part of a planned giving estate plan. A donor can use just about anything that has value for planned giving. The most common types of gifts for planned giving are:

  • Outright gifts, such as cash, art or real estate
  • Stock transfers, appreciated securities can be transferred with no capital gains liability
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Charitable lead trusts
  • IRA rollover, a tax free donation for those older than 70 1/2
  • Bequests, gifts that are transferred or paid according to the donor’s will

There are distinct tax benefits of planned giving which have value for both the donor and his/her heirs. For example, when donors transfer appreciated assets such as property or stocks, they receive a charitable tax deduction for the full value of the asset. Gifts that are bequeathed after the death of the donor are exempt from estate tax up to a certain amount. Since the transfer of assets can be complicated, it is prudent to seek the help of a professional estate planner or your own financial adviser. However, the Landmark Society of Western New York would be happy to talk to you about your intentions; if you wish we can assist you in finding the right help in making your plans; and explore additional options with you that you may not have considered.

Planned giving to The Landmark Society means that you will be giving a lasting legacy of support for future generations, and will increase The Landmark’s Society’s ability to protect Western New York’s unique architectural l heritage.

To learn more about how your generosity could directly benefit the organization that you care about:

The Landmark Society
Wayne Goodman, Executive Director
133 South Fitzhugh Street
Rochester, NY 14608
(585) 546-7029 ext. 22

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