Membership support and giving is the single largest building block of our annual budget. Historic preservation is ”about now”. Preservation enhances our quality of life and makes our communities vibrant and meaningful places to live, work, and play. Join or renew your membership today!

Here is how you can support the Landmark Society of Western New York:

The Annual Fund

The activities of The Landmark Society would not be successful based on revenue from membership dues alone.  Additional help from you enables us to engage in the work that you admire and expect from us.

Supporting Membership

These supporting membership levels provide the basic operating support that is a mainstay to The Landmark Society. You will help us in our work to preserve Western New York’s heritage and increase preservation awareness. Supporting members receive many benefits.

Premium Membership

These upper level memberships provide the extra support necessary to make possible the ongoing mission of The Landmark Society. You will receive supporting membership and additional membership benefits at these levels as our way of saying thanks!

Agent Membership

This membership level is designated for licensed real estate agents in the Western New York Region. There are many benefits that are specifically tailored to realtors and their clients.

The Heritage Society

The Landmark Society is grateful for several recent bequests from longtime members and supporters.  These bequests will allow the Landmark Society to enhance current preservation efforts and programming, offer new initiatives, and increase the endowment to foster future sustainability.

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