2017 Craftsman Award: Ted Robertson

Ted Robertson, carpenter-contractor                                                                      Kirkwall Construction, Rochester, New York

With an impressive range of woodworking projects, Ted Robertson is a veteran craftsman whose artistry has enhanced historic buildings in the greater Rochester area for over thirty years. A graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University, Ted originally trained as an engineer.  After a brief foray into the corporate world, his early interest in carpentry, skills honed by evening vocational classes, and a keen curiosity in old buildings drew him to his current work as a carpenter-contractor.  He is known for his attention to detail, insistence on a rigid schedule, business sense, safety concerns, and over-all professionalism.  As a carpenter who specializes in older buildings, he works with near-forgotten techniques, rare or obsolete materials, and decades-long deterioration that needs repair.  Ted has trained many helpers over the years and has a loyal, accomplished crew.  Special projects include the restoration of the massive corbel bracket on the 1835 Campbell-Whittlesey House and the reconfiguration of pews at the First Universalist Church.  Complicated window projects, perfect porches, stair stabilizations, and shutter repairs – one of which was featured as a cover story in the “Old House Journal” magazine – attest to the exceptional range of skills that Ted has developed over the past thirty years.

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