Update: Progress at St. Joseph’s Park

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Landscape work is progressing at St. Joseph’s Park. As you may have read in an earlier post, Ted Collins Tree and Landscape is donating its services–along with plant and landscape materials–to design and implement new landscaping plans for the Park.

An Arbor Day planting recently took place with students from the World of Inquiry School #58 joining the crew from Ted Collins Tree and Landscape. Kudos to Greg Frank for facilitating the partnership and our heartfelt thanks to all of the students and especially to the Ted Collins team for their continued support and donation to this site.

St. Joseph’s served as the mother church for the German Catholic churches in the region and suffered a serious fire in October 1974. The fire destroyed the church, except for the tower and walls, forcing the parish to abandon the ruin. The Landmark Society of Western New York, the State University College at Brockport, city officials, members of the Downtown Development Corporation and the original Roman Catholic religious order all supported preserving the bell tower and three extant bays (front facade) as a monument encased in a park and it was renamed St. Joseph’s Park. The conversion was carried out by The Landmark Society in 1980.

With the new landscaping and renewed energy in the neighborhood, our hope is that St. Joseph’s Park will once again become a vibrant location in the community.


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