New Partnership for St. Joseph’s Park

Thanks to the generosity of Ted Collins Tree & Landscape, we are proud to announce that St. Joseph’s Park in downtown Rochester will soon be re-opened as a public space for the Rochester community. Over the next months, we will be partnering with Ted Collins Tree & Landscape to develop plans for the landscaping and design of the park space. As plans are developed, we will also be making improvements to the building edifice.

Greg Frank, co-owner of the company, approached The Landmark Society and generously offered to donate his company’s services–along with plant and landscape materials–to bring the park back as a special place for gathering and contemplation. We are extremely grateful to Ted Collins Tree & Landscape for their generosity and are thrilled to be partnering on this project, which will add to the ongoing revitalization of downtown Rochester.

After a fire destroyed most of the St. Joseph’s Church building, the remains were dedicated as a park in 1980. The space has been closed to the public for a number of years.

Re-dedication of the park and its reopening for the public is planned for early June – just in time for the outdoor event and wedding seasons as well as for the lively musical scene that takes place during the summer.

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One thought on “New Partnership for St. Joseph’s Park

  1. This is wonderful! I have photographed near here in the past, but have always wished to wander among the walls and shoot there. Thank you, Ted Collins for offering to revive this beautiful spot downtown. Thanks!

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