Germanow-Simon Rehab

Germanow-Simon Corp., a local company that operates G-S Plastic Optics and Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co., recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of a $3.25 million upgrade to the company’s facilities located at 408 St. Paul St. in the city of Rochester. This is a great success for a local business, the St. Paul corridor, and the city as a whole.

The multi-million dollar project involved, among other things, the rehab of two historic factory buildings and the construction of a new elevator shaft to connect the two buildings. Interior spaces were also re-configured to accommodate offices, commercial, and manufacturing use.

We thought we’d give you a glimpse inside the rehabilitated historic factory building. Enjoy!

Historic details like exposed brick walls, large open spaces, high ceilings, wood floors, and new details like exposed ductwork (pictured above and below) are some of the details that were incorporated into the adapted office spaces.

A plethora of windows–a remnant of this space’s former use as a factory–let in plenty of natural light.

Many of the offices make use of historic furniture and re-purposed machinery and beams from the factory.

Wherever possible, fabulous details like the wood floor pictured behind the glass door below, were kept in place and spruced up.

Congratulations to Andy Germanow, President of Germanow-Simon Corp.!


One thought on “Germanow-Simon Rehab

  1. This is an incredible investment in the neighborhood and for preservation. Thanks to everyone, particularly Andy Germanow, for making this happen.

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